Ball Screw OFI & DFI

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Internal Circulation, Flange, Double Nut Type.

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With internal circulation and double nut design, OFI & DFI series features high stability, high load-carrying capacity and long service life.

1. Space saving nternal circulate design
2. Low friction force with 1/3 over acme screw
3. Ensure for high accuracies
4. Micro feed with tolerance within in 0.1μm
5. Zero backlash, high stiffness.

For delicate application in industrial application, machine tool and automation application.

Definition of Mounting Accuracy and Tolerance on Ball Screw
The main items of the mounting accuracy of ball screw are listed in below.
(1) Periphery run-out of the supporting part of the screw shaft to the screw groove.
(2) Concentricity of a mounting portion of the shaft to the adjacent ground portion of the screw
(3) Perpendicularity of the shoulders to the adjacent ground portion of tha screw shaft.
(4) Perpendicularity of the nut flange to the axis of the screw shaft.
(5) Concentricity of the ball nut diameter to the screw groove.
(6) Parallelism of the mounting surface of a ball nut to the screw groove.
(7) Total run-out of the screw shaft to the axis of the screw shaft.
All TBI MOTION ball screws are manufactured, inspected and guaranteed to be within specifications.

Ball Screw SCI5

Fig 1.3.2 Mounting Accuracy and Tolerance

Preload Torque
As figure 1.3.3 shown in below, it specified all the type of preload torque generated by rotating a preloaded ball screw.

Ball Screw SCI6

Fig 1.3.3 Descriptions of preload torque

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