Ball Screw SFV

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End-Caps Circulation, Flange Type

SFV series features high rigidity and high smoothness. With End-Caps Circulation design SFV series can absorb heavier impact. SFV series can be massively produced.

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The Advantage of Ball Screw
High Reliability
Ball Screw has very stringent quality control standards covering every production process. With proper lubrication and use, trouble-free operation for an extended period of time is possible.

Smooth Operation
The high efficiency of ball screws is vastly superior to conventional screws. The torque required is less than 30%. Linear motion can be easily changed from rotary motion.

High Rigidity and Preload
When axial play is minimized in conventional screw-nut assemblies, the actuating torque becomes excessive and the operation is not smooth. The axial play in TBI MOTION precision ball screws may be reduced to zero by preloading and a light smooth operation is still possible. therefore, both low torque and high rigidity can be obtained simultaneously.
Circulation Method
Ball return tube method. (V, E, S, Y Type); Ball deflector method. (I, U, M, K Type)

High Durability
Rigidly selected materials, intensive heat treating and processing techniques, backed by years of experience, have resulted in the most durable ball screws manufactured.

Nut Design

Table1.6.1 Circulation type
Circulation type Model Characteristic
Single Nut Double Nuts
Internal circulation type
●Delicated diameter of screw takes only little space.
●Applicable to those with smaller lead / the outside diameter of the screw
External circulation type
●Applicable to larger lead and diameter.
●Applicable for high loading purpose. ( TBIMOTION patent nut )
End-caps circulation type SFY SFH SFA DFS ●Suitable for high speed positioning

Nut Types
U, I, M – Type Nut
In these types of nuts, by using the internal circulator which makes the ball pass over the crest diagonally, the ball will return to the starting point. Normally, one roll of balls will fit with one circulation. As figure 1.6.1 specified, these types of nuts need at least one side which is completely tooth passing, which is applicable for smaller shaft diameter.

Ball Screw SFV

Fig 1.6.1 U, I, M – Type Nut

K – Type Nut
It applies the similar circulation as that of I-type, but circulation takes place in key slots of identical angle for different circulation. (see Fig 1.6.2)

Ball Screw SFV1

Fig 1.6.2 K – Type Nut

V – Type Nut
Using outer circulation, the special design of circulator allows the balls to roll along the thread direction. By so, the smoothness of circulation is increased and meanwhile decrease the mutual collision. It’s a suitable type for high speed and heavy loading.

Ball Screw SFV2

Fig 1.6.3 V – Type Nut

Y, H, A – Type Nut
By using thin and flexible dust cap on both side, the performance of wiping had been enhanced.
Moreover, the enhancement of circulation structure increase both the function of high rigidity and speed.

Ball Screw SFV3

Fig 1.6.4 Y, H, A – type nut

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