Ball Spline SLF

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SLF series is ground to form a perfect 40° angular contact point, increasing the load-carrying capacity and rigidity, SLF series is easier to install because it only requires a rough bore, a drilled mounting hole and tapped to secure the flange to the housing.

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Structure and Benefits of TBI MOTION Ball Spline
■ 1-1-1 Basic Structure of TBI MOTION Ball Spline
The design of TBI Ball spline is to utilize the friction through the contact of steel balls within in the Spline Nut and the grooves on the Spline Shaft. With TBI MOTION’s unique 40° angular contact design which enables the Ball spline delivers high sensitivity and extreme high load carrying capacity. The concept is optimal for the application involve with high speed, vibration, impacts of loading and precise positioning requirements. Also when the Ball spline is used to function as linear bushing, the Ball spline provides ten times loading capacity than the linear bush on the like model but with a compact profile. Namely, Durability and reliablility is the reason to choose TBI Ball spline in your application.

■ 1-1-2 TBI MOTION Nut Design and Shaft Specifications
TBI MOTION Spline Nut is available in four different designs : SLF (Flange design), SLT (Non-flange design), SOF (Cylindrical flange design), SOT (Round design), Point of contacts on the Spline shaft is provided in two grooves (180°) (SLF/SLT 6~20), (SOT/ SOF 8~25) and four grooves (70°) base on the diameter of the Spline shaft. Also TBI provides Hollow Spline shaft for alternative.

Ball Spline SLF

■ 1-1-3 Features of TBI MOTION Ball Spline
High Load-Carrying Capacity
Every groove on the TBI Spline shaft is precision ground to form a perfect 40° angular contact point. The concept of 40° contact design is to increases the load carrying capacity and rigidity to handle a greater moment load.

Zero Angular Clearance / Backlash
Grooves on the TBI Spline shaft is precision ground to form a perfect Gothic arch. The design eliminates clearance that could generate deflections, and therefore best suited for the applications that required high precision.

High Sensitivity
The unique TBI 40° angular contact is designed to operate with the minimum friction while the design performs high sensitivity and rigidity.

High Rigidity
A wide contact angle and an appropriate level of preload are combined to provide high rigidity and stiffness.

Mount-Simple on Design
TBI Ball Spline is low maintenance design, therefore, when removing the spline nut is necessary due to the ball retaining design the steel balls will not fall apart like the traditional nut design.

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