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SLT series features high load-carrying capacity, high rigidity and high sensitivity, lowering the consumption of energy, SLT series is one of the easiest installing series.

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TBI MOTION Ball Spline Type and Feature

SLT, SOT Non-flanged Spline Nut
SLT, SOT Non-flanged Spline Nut

SLT, SOT Spline nut is with a straight cylindrical shape without flange. The standard mode of mounting a cylindrical nut is by using a key. The cylindrical nut will have a keyway and separate key. A matching keyway must be bored into the housing or block that will be mounted on the cylinder nut. The type SLT, SOT is the most compact profile Spline nut in TBI Ball Spline product line.

Standard Precision Spline Shaft (S-Type)

Standard Precision Spline Shaft (S-Type)

The Standard precision Spline shaft is precisely ground to reach high accuracy and smoothness.

SLF, Flanged Spline Nut
SLF, Flanged Spline Nut

Flange nut is simpler to install because it only requires a rough bore and mounting holes drilled and tapped to secure the flange to the housing.

Hollow Spline Shaft (H-Type)
Hollow Spline Shaft (H-Type)1

Hollow Spline shaft is optional for the customer to choose for its application. Hollow Spline shaft is designed to reduce weight, accommodate pipes and ventilation.

SOF, Square Flanged Spline Nut
SOF, Square Flanged Spline Nut

The nut with square flange is easy to be installed to the housing through mounting holes and will be applied to 3C industry and semiconductor industry.

Custom Machining Spline Shaft
Custom Machining Spline Shaft

TBI has the capability to manufacture custom made Spline shaft by machining it to meet the requirements of special Spline Shaft shape. For example, a shaft with a bigger diameter on both ends or on the center of Spline shaft can be manufactured upon request.

The Procedure of Select Ball Spline

Table 1.2.1



1.Set the Operational conditions

■Stroke Length: Ls
■Velocity : V
■The Applied Load : W
■Operation environment
■Service life expectancy
■Frequency of use (load cycle)

2.Select a Type

Refer to Type, Shaft Spec to determine the your Ballspline.

3.Calculating the strength of Spline shaft

■Spline Shaft Diameter
■Spline-Shaft Length
■End Fixity
■The permissible load of Ballspline
■The displacement under torque and deflection

4.Service expectancy

Calculating TBI Ball spline
IF service life expectancy by using expectancy formula.
NO NO Required service life.

5.Determined the preload

Determined the permissible axial clearance/ backlash

6.Determine the Accuracy Grade

Accuracy Grades

7.Operational condition

■Lubrication methods
■Surface treatment
■Dust prevention methods



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