Ball Spline SOT

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SOT features 40° angular contact point, increasing rigidity, sensitivity and load-carrying capacity, SOT series is one of the easiest installing series.

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The design of this Ball spline is to utilize the friction force through the contact of steel balls within in the Spline Nut and the grooves on the Spline Shaft. With its unique 40° angular contact design which enables the Ball spline delivers high sensitivity and extreme high load carrying capacity.This ball splines can be classified into interchangeable and non- interchangeable types. Their dimensions are the same;Ball spline wildly used in industrial machinery,Automation machinery,Semi-conductor industries.

Determining the Preload
The preload, a significant factor that influence the accuracy, load capacity and rigidity of Ball Spline during operation. Therefore, it is very important to determine the most appropriate size of the clearance for your requirements. The size of the clearance is standardized for each type, enabling the one best-suited for operating conditions to be selected.

■ 2-4-1 Clearance in the Rotational Direction
With the Ball Spline, the sum of clearances in the circumferential direction is standardized as the clearance in the rotational direction. Clearance in the Rotational Direction. (BCD)

■ 2-4-2 Preload and Rigidity
The preload is the load applied to balls prior to use for the purposes of eliminating angular backlash (clearance in the rotational direction) and improving rigidity. The application of a preload can eliminate angular backlash in the Ball Spline in accordance with the level of applied preload, and can improve rigidity. Fig 2.4.2 shows the amount of displacement in the rotational direction when a rotational torque is applied. As shown in Fig 2.4.2, the effect of pre-loading continues until the torque becomes
Fig 2.4.2 2.8 times greater than the preload applied. Compared with a setting without a preload, the displacement at the same rotational torque is half of the one with a preload and the rigidity is twice as great.

Ball Spline SOT


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