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Higher than the international standard of rotation accuracy, smooth rotation, small size, save space, easy to install and adjust, can match the company’s ball screw shipping.

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● Excellent axial rigidity.
●Excellent tolerance control offers customers flexible combinations of bearing arrangements,to meet the specific request of customers.
●Provide universal combinations, customer can install bearings directly.
●HIWIN provide total solution service,bearings can be ordered with HIWN ballscrews.

Highly precise angular contact thrust ball bearings for precision ball screws have been designed specifically for each application. Lineup includes both a highly rigid series and high-capacity series.

The highly rigid series for machine tool applications has been designed specifically to provide large axial rigidity and precise rotation with lower starting torque.
The highly rigid series is available with a lubricant seal for machine tool applications.
The high load capacity series for electric injection molding machines offers enhanced service life through the use of optimally designed ball diameter and contact angle for a higher load rating.

This service manual was prepared to insure proper installation and performance of the RBS ball screw assembly throughout the life of the ball screw. It is only meant as a convenient reference and not a complete guide of the topics within. The products shown in this catalog are intended for industrial use only and should not be used to lift, support or otherwise transport people, unless you obtain a authorization for each
individual application from Rockford Ball Screw Co. The specifications and data in this publication are believed to be accurate and reliable. However, it is the responsibility of the product user to determine the suitability of Rockford Ball Screw products for a specific application. The specification and data in this publication are deemed to be accurate and reliable and are subject to change without notice.

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