CG Series Superior Rolling Moment with Cover Strip Linear Guideway

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Woodworking machinery, tool machine, grinding machine, handling equipment, automation equipment.

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O-type Configuration

Higher rolling moment capacity

New lubrication path design

Fully lubricated

Rail with cover strip

Stainless steel material.
Quick installation.
Protects wiper seal from fastener damage.
Protects block from particles that could collect in mounting hole.


Woodworking machinery, tool machine, grinding machine, handling equipment, automation equipment.

A tinear guideway alows a type of tinear motion that utilzs rolling elements such as balls orrolers.By using re- circulating rolling elements between the ril and the block,a tinear guideway can achieve high precision linear motion.Compared to a traditional slide, the coefficient of friction for a linear guideway is only 1/50.Because of the restraint effect between the rails and the blocks, linear guideways can take up loads in both the up/down and the left/right directions. With these features, linear guideways can greatly enhance moving accuracy, especialy,when accompanied with precise ball screws.

General Information
Advantages and Features of Linear Guideways
1. High positional accuracy
Whenaloadis drivenbya linear motion guideway, thefrictionalcontact between theload and the beddesk is oling contact. The coefficient of friction is only1/50 of traditionalcontact, and the diference between the dynamicand the static coeffintoffrictionis smalL Therefore, there would beno sippagewhile the loadis moving.

2. Long ife with high motion accuracy
Witha traditional slide, errors inaccuracyarecausedbythe counterflowof the ilfilm. Insuficient ubricationcauses wear between the contact surfaces, whichbecome increasingly inaccurate. In contrast, rolig contact hastittlewear;  therefore, machines can achieve a long te with highly accurate motion.

3. High speed motion is possible with a low driving force
Because linear guideways have itte friction resistance, only a small driving force is needed to move a load. This resultsin greaterpower savings, especillyin the moving pats ofa system. Thisis especilly tue for the reciprocating

4. Equalloading capacityinall directions
With this special design,these linear guideways can take loads in either the vertical or horizontal directions. Conventionl linear slides can only take small loadsin the direction parallel to the contact surface. They are also more likely to become inaccurate when they are subjected to these loads.

5. Easy installation
Installing a linear guideway is fairly easy. Grinding or milling the machine surface, following the recommended installation procedure, and tightening the bolts to their specified torque can achieve highly accurate linear motion.

6. Easy lubrication
Witha traditional sliding system, insuficient lubrication causes wear on the contact surfaces. Also, it can be quite dificult to supply sufficient lubrication to the contact surfaces because finding an appropriate lubrication point is guideway block. It is also possible to utilize a centralized oil lubrication system by piping the lubrication oil to the piping joint.

7. Interchangeability
Compared with traditional boxways or v-groove slides, linear guideways can be easily replaced should any damage occur. For high precision grades consider ordering a matched, non-interchangeable, assemby of a block andral.

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