CRB Thin type Crossed Roller Bearings

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40% decrease in bearing volume, with high rigidity and load capability.

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Super Slim Type Crossed Roller Bearings are extremely compact bearings with 5.5 mm sectional height and 5 mm width. Separators are incorporated between cylindrical rollers for smooth rotation. Contributes to making machines or equipment more compact and lightweight.

1. 40% decrease in bearing volume, with high rigidity and load capability.
2. Suitable for compact and lightweight applications.
3. Integrated inner and outer ring.

1. Industrial robots.
2. Stator winding machines.
3. Products and equipment that require a light weight, compact design.

In an industry where technology is constantly advancing, best installation and maintenance practices of the parts that keep our applications functioning day-to-day, often get overlooked.

At the heart of any industrial business, bearings are working hard to keep essential applications and equipment up and running. While their role isn’t too elaborate, the shaft support they provide that allows for the free rotation of moving parts, while reducing friction between the moving and stationary components, is essential.

With the production efforts of countless industries and machines, comes countless bearing styles to accommodate them, each engineered specifically for the job required. There are many factors that influence the design of a bearing: load type, speed, temperature, shock or vibration, dirt or abrasive contamination, possible alignment inaccuracies, space limitations or shaft rigidity requirements. However, our first step in learning how to identify bearings is classifying them as either: Plain (Sleeve) Bearings or Rolling Bearings

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