HIWIN Ballscrews

  • Super Z Ballscrews

    Super Z Ballscrews

    FEATURES New series has specific and optimized recirculation path which can improve ball screwspeed, reduce noise, reduce the diameter of the nut, increase the service life and satisfyhigh precision. High Speed DN value could reach 160,000. High acceleration and deceleration MAX 1.5G Less Vibration & Smooth Operation ompared with traditional tube circulation, Noise is lower (by) 3~5dB. Space-saving and light weight design The nut diameter is 15%~30% smaller than traditional series. Accura...
  • Super T Ballscrews

    Super T Ballscrews

    FEATURES Low noise (lower 3~5dB than general series) Finest design of recirculation can absorb noise from the impact of balls to reduce noise level. Qualified tone Super T recirculating components not only can reduce the sound pressure level, but also efficiently lower the middle and high frequency range better than conventional ballscrews, producing no shrill fricative and better sound quality. Low vibration and smooth operation The tangent recirculation substantially reduces impact force of...
  • Super S Ballscrews

    Super S Ballscrews

    FEATURES Low noise (5~7dB lower than traditional series) The patented design of return unit can absorb noises caused by the impact of the steel balls, thus greatly reducing noise intensity. Space-saving and weight-lightening design The ballnut diamenter is 18%~32% smaller than traditional series. Dm-N value up to 220,000 The patented design of the return unit can improve the strength of the return structure, achieving a Dm-N value of up to 220,000. High acceleration and deceleration velocity ...
  • R2 Series Rotating Nut Ballscrews

    R2 Series Rotating Nut Ballscrews

    FEATURES Compact Design A compact design using nut and support bearing as an integral unit. The thickness of the flange is thinner than the traditional design. Simple Installation Simply installed by fixing the nut on the housing with bolts. Energy Conservation Using rotating nut can effectively reduce the motor driving force in long stroke application. Higher Stiffness Bearing use the back-to-back arrangement. Because the supporting distance is longer than the face-to-face arrangement, the a...
  • R1 Series Rotating Nut Ballscrews

    R1 Series Rotating Nut Ballscrews

    FEATURES Compact and high positioning A compact design using nut and support bearingas an integral unit. A 45-degree steel ball contactangle makes a better axial load. Zero backlashand higher stiffness construction provides highpositioning. Simple installation Simply installed by fixing the nut on the housingwith bolts. Rapid feed No inertial effect is produced by the integral unitrotating and the fixed shaft. Lower power can beselected to meet the rapid feed requirement. Stiffness Has a high...
  • Internal Recirculation Type Ballscrews

    Internal Recirculation Type Ballscrews

    STRUCTURE Internal recirculation type ballscrew, consists of the screw spindle, the ball nut, the steel balls and the ball return caps. The steel balls make only one revolution around the screw spindle. The circuit is closed by a ball return cap in the nut allowing the balls to cross over adjacent ball tracks. Since the ball return caps are located inside the nut body, this is called the internal recirculation type ballscrew. FEATURES Adapted to normal leads and Outer diameter of nut is small.
  • Heavy Load Series Ballscrews

    Heavy Load Series Ballscrews

    FEATURES Heavy Load Load Capacity can be up to 2-3 times highercompared to standard series. It sustains a muchheavier axial load and higher acceleration anddeceleration. Accuracy JIS grade C7 accuracy. High Speed Super S and RD Series adopt tangent return design,DN Value is up to 160,000. Quietness RD Series Heavy Load Ballscrews adopt a tangentreturn design with spacers inserted in betweenthe balls to help reduce noise created by frictionbetween the balls. APPLICATIONS Heavy Load ballscrews ...
  • External Recirculation Type Ballscrews

    External Recirculation Type Ballscrews

    STRUCTURE External recirculation type ballscrew,consists of the screw shaft,the ball nut, the steel balls, the return tubes and the fixing plate. The steel balls are introduced into the space between the screw shaft and the ball nut. The balls are diverted from the ball tracks and carried back by the ball guide return tube form a loop. Since the return tubes are located outside the nut body, this type is called the external recirculation type ball screw. FEATURES Adapted to wide kinds of shaf...
  • Endcap Recirculation Type Ballscrews

    Endcap Recirculation Type Ballscrews

    FEATURES Endcap recirculation type ball screw. The basic design of this return system is the same as the external recirculation type nut except that the return tube is made inside the nut body as a through hole. The balls in this design traverse the whole circuit of the ball tracks within the nut length. Therefore, a short nut with the same load capacity as the conventional design can be used. APPLICATIONS Adapted to high lead, Outer diameter of nut is middle, Single nut only.
  • EL Aid-lubricant Module

    EL Aid-lubricant Module

    FEATURES Provides auxiliary lubrication for up to 10,000 km of maintenance. Environmentally friendly design. Best lubrication position. Good commonality, the cycle, accuracy levels can be equipped with the use. APPLICATIONS 1.Semiconductor, Automation, Conveyor Equipment                                                  2.Testing Equipment 3.Industrial Machinery                                                                                                 4.Specifications: Screw diameter Φ15 ...
  • E2 Self-Lubricant Ballscrews

    E2 Self-Lubricant Ballscrews

    FEATURES Cost savings The E2 series saves cost by eliminating pipingjoint systems, change and waste disposal, and byreducing oil purchases. Greatly extends the maintenance period The E2 series will supply proper lubrication forlong periods of time extending the maintenanceperiod. Easy maintenance The special construction of the E2 design requiresno tools to replace the oil cartridge. There is nodisassembly required when adding the E2 option. Ideal lubrication position The lubrication point is...
  • Cool Type II Ballscrews

    Cool Type II Ballscrews

    Electric-driven injection machines, presses, power units and other replaceable hydrauilc drives.

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