HIWIN Bearings

  • Support Unit

    Support Unit

    HIWIN support units are composed of a bearing housing, bearing, holding lid, seal, lock nut and set screws. 

  • Crossed Roller Bearings CRB Standard Type

    Crossed Roller Bearings CRB Standard Type

    Patented design features high loading capacity. 

  • Linear Bearing

    Linear Bearing

    FEATURED 1. HIWIN linear bearings enable high precision linear motion on round shafts by utilizing recirculating ball pathways. 2. The patented recirculation curve enables HIWIN’s linear bearing to sustain heavy loads with low noise and high stiffness. 3. HIWIN’s diverse line of linear bearings perform under almost any conditions and load capacities to satisfy a wide range of applications. Linear bearing accuracy Linear bearing accuracy is defined as the variation in height over the len...
  • CRB Thin type Crossed Roller Bearings

    CRB Thin type Crossed Roller Bearings

    40% decrease in bearing volume, with high rigidity and load capability.

  • Ballscrew Bearings

    Ballscrew Bearings

    Higher than the international standard of rotation accuracy, smooth rotation, small size, save space, easy to install and adjust, can match the company’s ball screw shipping.