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The stainless bottom seal is the new design of TM series, it prevents the abnormal chips getting into the ball track without jeopardizing the smoothness. Standard end seals provide protection from dust, metal scrapers, increasing service life and lowering maintenance.

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TRH / TRS / TRC International Standard Linear Guide
TBI MOTION The Characteristics of TR Series

Smooth Movement
TBI MOTION circulation system of Linear Guide block is designed to perform smooth movement.

High Stability
TBI MOTION Linear Guide block is designed under TBI’s exclusive patent that can increases depth of material to improve the strength capacity, prevent deflection and provide high rigidity

TBI MOTION The Characteristics of TR Series

High Durability
TBI MOTION the exclusive contact point design promotes high rigidity. Moreover, self-aligning balances load rating in all directions. This design also improves performance in running accuracy and service life of the Linear Guide.

Easy Installation with Interchangeability
TBI MOTION Linear Guide is easy for installation even without fixture. The design of seal is able to combine with side seal or inner seal to save material.

The Structure of TR-Series
Circulation unit:
➀ Block, ➁ Rail, ➂ End Cap, ➃ Steel Balls,➄ Circulation tube.

Lubrication unit: 
➅ Grease nipple.

Anti-Dust Unit:
➆ End Seal, ➇ Bottom Seal, ➈ Mounting Hole Cap.

TBI MOTION The Characteristics of TR Series1

Fig 2.2.2 Material
HRC 58°~62°

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