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Mid Assembly, Standard Type

With light friction, low power consumption, high accuracy and high smoothness, TRC-V is suitable to high speed operating environment.

Lubrication is essential to linear motion system. Without lubrication, the friction of rolling parts increases and might be the main factor of service life shortening.
A lubricant
(1) Reduces friction on moving parts, thereby to prevent wearing due to raise in temperature.
(2) Forms an oil film on rolling surfaces, thus decreasing stress that develops on the surfaces and
safeguarding the system against rolling fatigue.
(3) Covers metal surfaces with an oil film, thereby preventing rust.
To tap the full function of a linear motion system, lubrication is essential to meet the system service conditions.
※Even the linear motion system is sealed, it cannot completely prevent the leakage of lubricants no matter how negligible the amount of leakage is at any given time. It is therefore necessary to replenish the lubricant periodically according to the operating conditions.
Classification of Lubricants
Primarily grease and sliding surface oil are used as lubricants for linear motion systems.
In general a lubricant must
(1) Form a strong oil film.
(2) Reduce wear as much as possible.
(3) Have high wear resistance.
(4) Have high thermal stability.
(5) Be non-corrosive.
(6) Be highly rust-preventive.
(7) Be free from dust and some moisture.
(8) Be free from significant fluctuations in consistency against repeated agitation of grease.
Table1.12.1 Lubricants in General Use

Lubricant Classification Item
Grease Lithium-based grease (JIS No.2)
Urea-base grease (JIS No.2)
※4FB Grease (TBI MOTION) Daphne Eponex Grease No.2
(Idemitsu Kosan) or equivalent.
Oil Sliding surface oil or turbine oil
ISOVG 32~68
Super Multi 32 to 68 (Idemitsu Kosan) Vactra No.2S
(Mobile Oil)
DT Oil (Mobile Oil)
Tonner Oil (Showa Shell Sekiyu) or equivalent

※Feeding Should be performed every 100 km of travel under normal usage conditions to prevent incomplete lubrication by exhausted lubrication.

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