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Linear Guide TRS-F

Low Assembly, Flange Type
TRS-F delivers high smoothness, high rigidity, high stability and interchangeability, it only takes a quick fix to make the rail operating again.

Accuracy■ 1-9-1 Accuracy Standards
The accuracy of rail is determined by the tolerance of its parallelism, height and width, if there is multiple blocks on a rail or multiple Linear Guide on a surface, the difference of height and width between each block and Linear Guide are standardized and shown in the catalogue.Running Parallelism
Mount a Linear Guide on a datum surface and measure the parallelism difference of block while operating its full travel distance.

 High Mechanical Efficiency without Clearance9

Difference in Height M among Linear Guide Blocks
On the same datum surface, the difference between maximum and minimum height of each block.

Difference in Rail-to-Block Lateral Distance W2 among Linear Guide Blocks
On the same rail, the difference between maximum and minimum width of each block.

With two or more sets of Linear Guide installed in parallel on the same plane, the tolerance for the rail-to-block lateral distance (W2) and the differences therein among Linear Guide blocks apply to the master – rail side only.

Accuracy measurements indicate mean values of measurements taken at the center or central area of each Linear Guide block.

Linear Guide rails are smoothly curved so that when they are installed on a machine they are easily straightened, and pressing them onto the machine reference base enables the design accuracy to be achieved. If installed on a base lacking rigidity, such as an aluminum base, the bend of LinearGuide rails may affect machine precision. In such a case, the straightness should be set in advance.

■ 1-9-2 Averaging Effect
The Linear Guide incorporates precision balls with high circularity, enabling a constrained structure with no clearance. Moreover, in a multiple-axis configuration with the axis arranged in parallel to one another, the component Linear Guides therein combine to form an entire constrained guideway.

The effect of equalization is different, due to the error of length, size, preload of rail, axis constrained structure and etc, as the table shown below; adding one rail a straightness error and its actual operating accuracy is shown in the diagram below. Through the feature of equalization, a high operating accuracy structure can be provided.

High Mechanical Efficiency without Clearance10

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