Linear Guide TRS-V

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Low Assembly, Standard Type
TRS-V features high smoothness, high stability, high durability, easy installation and long service life. The low assembly design makes it more applicable to small operating environment.

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The construction of Linear Guide are block, rail and motion system which has rolling elements, such as balls and rollers, placed between two raceways. The rolling motion that rolling elements give rise to reduce the frictional resistance to 1/20 th to 1/40 th of that in a slide guide. Static friction, in particular, is much lower in a linear motion system than in other system, and there is little difference between static and dynamic friction, so that stick-slip does not occur. Therefore, Linear Guide could apply in various precision motion system. Frictional resistance in a linear motion system varies with the type of linear motion system, the magnitude of the preload, the viscosity resistance of the lubricant used the load exerted on the system, and other factors. Table shows Friction of Linear
Table 1.4.1 Friction Coefficient u of Various Linear Motion Systems μ

Type of Linear Motion System Friction Coefficient
Linear Guide 0.002~0.003
Ball Spline 0.002~0.003
Linear Guide Roller 0.0050~0.010
Cross Roller Guide 0.0010~0.0025
Linear Ball Slide 0.0006~0.0012

The Characteristics of TBI linear Guide

TBI MOTION The Characteristics of TR Series

Smooth Movement
TBI MOTION The circulation system of TBI Linear Guide Block designed to perform smooth movement.

High Stability
TBI MOTION Linear Guide block designed under TBI’s exclusive patent can increase depth of material to improve the strength capacity and prevent from deflection as high stability.

High Durability
TBI MOTION The exclusive contact point design promotes high rigidity. Moreover, self-aligning balances load rating in all directions. This design also improves performance in running accuracy and service life of the Linear Guide.

Easy Installation with Interchangeability
TBI MOTION Linear Guide by TBI is easy for installation even without fixture. The design of seal is combinable either for side seal or inner seal to save material.

Machine tool, Industrial machinery, Electronic Application etc.

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