CSR has won many awards

The 2019 TCSA Taiwan enterprise sustainable award will be presented at a grand ceremony at grand hotel on November 28. The company has won three awards, including “comprehensive performance award – TOP50 sustainable enterprise award in Taiwan”, “single performance award – social inclusion award” and “sustainable report award – gold award”. BSI British standards institution, also at the grand hotel on November 29, 2019 BSI annual meeting international standards of sustainable management, science and technology of silver was awarded with “sustainable excellence award” from BSI, sustainable, long-term commitment to innovation of science and technology of silver a year and through external verification regularly issue CSR report, continue to develop and strengthen CSR sustainable as a sustainable practice ability, is the enterprise the best benchmarking enterprises achieve sustainable SDGs beliefs.
Lin bofeng, chairman of TCSA Taiwan enterprise sustainability award 2019 (pictured left); li xunqin, director of Shanghai silver technology (pictured center); and jian youxin, chairman of TCSA Taiwan enterprise sustainability award 2019 (pictured right). Shanghai silver technology/provide
Science and technology since the establishment of silver to the long-term development of the employees, shareholders, at the beginning of research and development, brand and corporate social responsibility, as the four pillars of sustainable development of silver, in addition to the products have a number of research and development innovation patent, the product itself is the green environmental protection product, hl-tech corporation international medical certification since 2013 after officially entered the medical field, to improve human life quality and make a heart. In the pursuit of profits and also actively create sustainable enterprise, more concerned about all stakeholders, looking forward to the joint realization of economic, environmental and social, multi-sustainable development goals.
Looking ahead, we will continue to promote corporate governance, global distribution, talent development, industry-university cooperation, innovation value-added services and social participation. We expect to continue to create long-term value for the company while the external economic climate remains uncertain. As a member of the corporate citizens of the world, Shanghai banking technology will continue to actively promote and call on the upstream and downstream manufacturers to work together to implement corporate social responsibility, and hope to bring about sound development forthe industry and the country.
BSI “sustainable excellence award” picture: chairman Jane youxin (picture left), independent director of Shanghai silver technology co., LTD. – jiang zheng he (picture right). Shanghai silver technology/provide.

From: economic daily – dai Chen

Post time: Nov-29-2019