Shanghai silver technology lower limb strength training machine won the 2019 international innovation award

The Asian business chamber hosted the 2019 International Innovation Awards at resorts world sentosa in Singapore on December 4. HIWIN lower limb strength training machine, focusing on customer needs, innovates to design a three-point support training system to reduce the therapist's labor force and improve the rehabilitation treatment environment. The innovative product that applies technology to improve the quality of human life stands out in the fierce competition and is awarded the 2019 International Innovation Award in the product category. More than 160 entries from 30 countries and 24 industries competed for the honor.
Shang Yin technology - chairman zhuo wenheng (third from left). Shanghai silver technology/provide
The innovation of HIWIN's lower limb strength training machine began with a training scene in which a patient who could not walk had to be assisted by three therapists in lifting and striding his feet. The team continued to work with physiotherapists, integrating treatment procedures and training programs into an automated system to design a weight-bearing robot that was completely different from the suspension robots on the market.
Innovative features of HIWIN's lower limb strength trainer include: a globally patented three-point support design that keeps users safe and comfortable while standing with heavy loads; Quick on-board design, only one therapist can complete the user on-board in five minutes; Three walking modes, providing personalized parameter design for different stages and difficulty; Multiple security protection mechanisms to monitor user status throughout the process to address early intervention safety concerns.
HIWIN's lower limb strength training machine, based on the concept that manufacturing is a service and is designed to meet human needs, is now in service in more than 60 hospitals. With the help of the robot, the treatment intensity is less than that of human, and the operation efficiency is also solved. The working quality and environment of the treatment room are improved obviously. HIWIN also continues to explore new needs in its services, making more flexible use of core technologies and co-innovation with customers, in an effort to improve the quality of human life.
The aim of Shanghai yinshi technology co., LTD. 's investment in the medical field is to practice the business philosophy of making unremitting efforts for better human well-being and better working environment. Over the past 30 years, HIWIN precision drive components have been continuously supplied to Europe and the United States for the use of precision medical testing equipment and diagnostic systems, etc. In order to make intelligent and automated medical devices more popular and take care of a wider population, HIWIN integrates the group's energy and clinical expertise to jointly explore needs and propose solutions.
Group photo of Shanghai silver technology (from left) : xie fuhan, manager of Lin jingmei, chairman of zhuo wenheng, general manager of Shanghai silver Singapore, Chen yongxiang. Shanghai silver technology/provide
Asia chamber of commerce (Asia) Enterprise founded in 2006, ngos, held since 2011, the "Asian corporate social responsibility award", 2017 "international innovation award", which are held in praise to promote "product", "service and solution", "organization and culture" and "innovative leadership" and so on four big excellent Enterprise and brand, professional evaluation for multinational across the industry.
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