PG Series Positioning Linear Guideway

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The additional components are completely internal, thus saving installation space.

Maintains high rigidity as well as high accuracy. Both sensor and magnetic strip are protected from harmful external extremities such as dust and iron chips. 

Non-contact measuring sensor can achieve longer life. Can measure distances up to 30M.

Can withstand humid, and high-temperature environments in oily, dusty, and high vibration applications. 

High resolution. Easy to install. 


Machine tools Manufacturing machinery

Injection molding, printing, paper manufacturing/converting, textiles sewing/weaving, food processing, wood cutting/finishing. 

Semiconductor manufacturing, robotics, X-Y table, measuring and inspection equipments. 

Other equipment

Medical X-ray/MRI/CAT- scan, transportation, construction.

Selection of accuracy
■ Classes: C, H, P, SP, UP depends on the accuracyof equipment.

Determines the size & the number of blocks
■ Dynamic load condition.
■ If accompanied with a balscrew, the size should be similar to the diameter of ballscrew. For example, if the diameter of the ballscrew is 35mm, then the model size of linear guideway should be HG35.

Calculate the max. load of block
■ Make reference to load calculation examples, and calculate the max load
■ Be sure that the static safety factor of selected guideway is larger than the rated static safety factor

Choosing preload
■ Depends on the stiffess requirement and accuracy of mounting surface ldentify stiffness
■ Calculate the deformation by using the table of stiffess values, choosing heavier preload and larger size linear guideways to enhance the stiffness

Calculating service life
■ Calculate the life time requirement by using the moving speed and frequency.
■ Make reference to the life calculation example
Selection of lubrication
■ Grease suppliedby grease nipple
■ Oil supplied by piping joint

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