• Ball Screw SFNU & SFU

    Ball Screw SFNU & SFU

    SFNU & SFU series features high smoothness, high rigidity, high durability and strong dust-proof, with internal circulation design, making SFNU & SFU series applicable to small operating environment.

  • Ball Screw SFNI & SFI

    Ball Screw SFNI & SFI

    Internal Circulation, Flange Type

  • QW Series Wide Rail Linear Guideway

    QW Series Wide Rail Linear Guideway

    FEATURE The HIWIN QW series linear guideway with SynchMotionTM Technology possesses all the advantages of the WE series, which features high moment rigidity and is suitable for single rail or space saving applications. With the SynchMotionTM technology it also provides quieter and smoother movement, superior lubrication, and longer service life. Lubrication Supplying insufficient Lubrication to the guideway will greatly reduce the service life due to an increase in roling friction. The lubri...
  • Ultra-high Rigidity (Wide) Model SRW

    Ultra-high Rigidity (Wide) Model SRW

    Ultra-high Rigidity (Wide) Model SRW As a result of increasing the width of the Roller Guide, the mounting strength and mounting stability are increased.The SRW Model is based on the SRG LM Guide but has a wider rail and two rows of LM rail mounting holes to achieve high mounting strength and stability. Ultra-high rigidity, this Roller Guide uses roller cages to eliminate friction between adjacent rollers, smoothing motion and extending the units long-term maintenance-free operation. Model SR...
  • Ultra-high Rigidity Model SRG

    Ultra-high Rigidity Model SRG

    Ultra-high Rigidity Model SRG An ultra-heavy load Roller Guide with a rigidity twice that of our full-ball type LM Guide. It has global standard dimensions and achieves long-term maintenance-free operation. The SRG is an ultra-heavy Roller Guide with a rigidity twice that of a full-ball type LM Guide. It has global standard dimensions and achieves a high rigidity through the use of highly rigid rolling elements and an over-all roller element length of more than 1.5 times greater than that of ...
  • Wide Rail Model HRW

    Wide Rail Model HRW

    Wide Rail Model HRW Due to a low center-of-gravity structure with a large rail width and a low overall height, this LM Guide model can be used in places where space saving is required or high rigidity against a moment is required even with a single rail.The HRW Model features a low center of gravity design with a wide rail and a low overall height. This LM Guide can be used in tight spaces where high rigidity against a moment is required, even with a small size rail. A structure with a wide r...
  • Wide Rail Model SHW

    Wide Rail Model SHW

    Wide Rail Model SHW Since its LM rail has a wide structure with a low center of gravity, this 4/way equal load LM Guide achieves a high Mc moment. The Advantage of Linear Guide High Accuracy Because linear guide has little friction resistance, only a small driving force is needed to move the load. Low frictional resistance helps the temperature rising effect be small. Thus, the frictional resistance is decreased and the accuracy could be maintained for long period than traditional slide syste...
  • Ultra-high Rigidity (Low center of gravity) Model SRN

    Ultra-high Rigidity (Low center of gravity) Model SRN

    Ultra-high Rigidity (Low center of gravity) Model SRN Interchangeable with LM Guide model SNR, which is designed for machine tools. The SRN is an ultra-high rigidity Roller Guide that uses roller cages to lower friction, operating noise, smooth motion and extend the units maintenance-free service life. Roller cages also reduce rolling resistance fluctuation, prevent rollers from skewing as the block enters a loaded area and facilitate smooth and stable motion. Interchangeable with the SNR LM ...


    Miniature Type, Wide Rail
    With the wide rail design, TM-W series is applicable to high torque and small operating environment.

  • Small gear motor

    Small gear motor

    Gearmotors are a fairly well-established technology. And recently, there is renewed interest in gearmotors, following a trend in integrated systems in general. More specifically, rising energy costs are driving demand for improved process efficiencies. This presents an opening for gearmotors that can be used in a variety of applications and represents a tremendous opportunity for global energy savings. Essentially, a gearmotor is a pairing of gear reducer and ac or dc electrical motor. The g...
  • Brushless motor

    Brushless motor

    What are brushless motors used for? In manufacturing, brushless motors are primarily used for motion control, positioning or actuation systems. Brushless motors are ideally suited for manufacturing applications because of their high power density, good speed-torque characteristics, high efficiency, wide speed ranges and low maintenance. Where are brushless motors used? Because computers control the electrical current, brushless DC motors can achieve much more precise motion control. Because o...
  • Minas A5

    Minas A5

    A servo motor that maximizes the machine’s potential. A5II series: 2 degrees of freedom control mode full-functional (position, speed, torque, full closed-loop control) A5IIE series: 2 degree of freedom control mode position control special type A5 series: speed, position, torque, full closed loop control A5E series: special for position control A5IIN: ultra-high speed network communication servo (RTEX)
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