QH Series Quiet Linear Guideway, with SynchMotion Technology

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Low noise design
By using the synchronous coupling, the balls can be arranged evenly and equidistant, the metal sound of collision between balls disappears, and the sharp high-frequency sound intensity is effectively reduced. Compared with the old series, the total noise intensity is reduced by about 7.7 dB in each speed domain.

Self lubricating design without adding oil
The synchronous coupling is designed with an oil storage space in the middle of the spacer, which can supply the lubrication needs of the steel ball during operation. When passing through the direction rotating part, the lubricating oil can be evenly added into the oil storage space, and the steel ball can continue to be evenly lubricated, so the frequency of lubricating oil supplement can be effectively reduced. After testing, adding high-performance lithium soap based grease before leaving the factory, under 0.2 times of dynamic rated load, it can be used for more than 2500 km without fatigue damage. Therefore, high-performance lubricating grease is added when it leaves the factory, and its service life can be ensured without maintenance under normal use.

Improve the smoothness of movement
When the traditional linear guide rail without synchronous coupling starts to run, the steel ball on the load side will move first, and then push the steel ball in the direction rotating part and the no-load side, resulting in interlocking back and forth collision, which makes the fluctuation of friction resistance violent. The Q1 type linear guideway with synchmotion TM technology has a synchronous coupler, which connects all the steel balls in the same cycle in series, so when the slider starts to move, all the steel balls start almost at the same time, and there is no back and forth collision between the steel balls. Under a certain movement inertia, the variation range of friction resistance can be effectively reduced.

High speed design
The design of the interval part of the synchronous coupling can make the mutual friction between the ball and the ball disappear, so that the ball and the synchronous coupling are in annular line contact, which can reduce the contact area between the two, and thus effectively reduce the friction resistance, so that the synchmotion TM silent linear guide has excellent high-speed performance.


Especially for the high-tech industries in which high speed, quiet, and low dust environment are required.

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