QR Series Quiet Roller Type Linear Guideway

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Especially for the industries in which high speed, low noise, and high rigidity environment are required.

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1. Improve the smoothness of movement
When the traditional linear guide without synchronous coupling starts to run, the rolling experience will cause interlocking back and forth collision due to pushing, which makes the fluctuation of friction resistance violent. The QR series linear guide rail with synchmotiontm technology has roller synchronous coupling, which can effectively prevent the roller from entering the load area, and all rollers are evenly spaced for cyclic movement, and there is no back and forth collision between rollers. Under a certain motion inertia, the variation range of friction resistance can be effectively reduced.

2. Low noise design
By using the roller synchronous coupling, the rollers can be arranged evenly and equidistant, the metal impact sound between adjacent rollers disappears, and the sharp high-frequency sound intensity is effectively reduced. Compared with the old series, the total sound intensity is effectively reduced by about 3 dB in each speed domain.

3. Four direction high load carrying capacity
QR series linear guide adopts dB (45 ° – 45 °) contact system, which can bear the load of up and down and left and right directions, so that the linear guide has ultra-high load capacity. Under the same working load, QR track has smaller volume than ball track, which can bear high load evenly.

4. High rigidity in all directions
QR series linear guide not only improves the high-speed performance by carrying synchronous coupling, but also replaces the ball with roller type rolling element. Through the linear contact mode of roller, slide rail and slider, the elastic deformation of roller under load can be effectively reduced, which can not only greatly improve the rigidity of linear guide, but also maintain high-precision machining under high-speed operation.


Especially for the industries in which high speed, low noise, and high rigidity environment are required.

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