QW Series Wide Rail Linear Guideway

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The HIWIN QW series linear guideway with SynchMotionTM Technology possesses all the advantages of the WE series, which features high moment rigidity and is suitable for single rail or space saving applications. With the SynchMotionTM technology it also provides quieter and smoother movement, superior lubrication, and longer service life.

Supplying insufficient Lubrication to the guideway will greatly reduce the service life due to an increase in roling friction. The lubricant provides the following functions;
■ Reduces the rolling friction between the contact surfaces to avoid abrasion and surface burning of the guideway.

■ Generates a lubricant fim between the rolling surfaces and decreases fatigue.

■ Anti-corrosion.
Linear guideway must be lubricated with the lithium soap based grease before instalation. After the linear guideway is installed, we recommend that the guideway be re-lubricated every 100 km. It is possible to carryout the lubrication through the grease nipple.Generally,grease is appied for speeds that do not exceed 60 m/min faster speeds will require high-viscosity oil as a lubricant.

 QW Series Wide Rail Linear Guideway


The recommended viscosityof oil is about 32~150cSt. The standard grease nipple may be replaced byan oil piping joint for oil lubrication.Since oil evaporates quicker than grease,therecommended oil feedrate is approximate 0.3cm3/hr.

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