Rotary Ball Screw RFBY

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Rotary Ball Screw RFBY

High Loading Capacity Type
The ground screw thread makes sure the ball bearing travel fluently during operation, reduces skid, friction and noise level and increases the performance and service life.

rotary ball screw and spline is designed to move linearly and rotationally in one assembly, with symmetrical orientation design between the outer and inner ball screw or spline nut.Both rotary and spiral movement can be achieved simultaneously.rotary line is the most ideal key component in scara robots, industrial robots, pick &place, laser engraving, transporting and many other multi-directional application.

Zero clearance/High rigidity
rotary series featured 40° angular (Back to back) contact angle within in the bearing.
It enables self-aligning with minor mounting error and bears higher axial load to achieve better accuracy. Custom preload can be applied to reduce clearance and increase high rigidity. (as shown in Fig 1.1.1)
High speed/Smooth running performance
The rotary series uses TBI MOTION high lead screw to maintain high speed and smoothness during operating.
Noise reduction
The precision ground screw thread and spline groove make sure the ball bearing travel fluently during operations which reduce the skidding, friction and noise level and thus improve the service
performance and life.
rotary line features a one-piece compact and easy mounting design.
Spline alternative
offers customized end for ball spline. Hollow spline is also available for special operation requirement such as pipe or wire-arrangement, evacuating and light weight.

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