Servo drive

  • Small gear motor

    Small gear motor

    Gearmotors are a fairly well-established technology. And recently, there is renewed interest in gearmotors, following a trend in integrated systems in general. More specifically, rising energy costs are driving demand for improved process efficiencies. This presents an opening for gearmotors that can be used in a variety of applications and represents a tremendous opportunity for global energy savings. Essentially, a gearmotor is a pairing of gear reducer and ac or dc electrical motor. The g...
  • Brushless motor

    Brushless motor

    What are brushless motors used for? In manufacturing, brushless motors are primarily used for motion control, positioning or actuation systems. Brushless motors are ideally suited for manufacturing applications because of their high power density, good speed-torque characteristics, high efficiency, wide speed ranges and low maintenance. Where are brushless motors used? Because computers control the electrical current, brushless DC motors can achieve much more precise motion control. Because o...
  • Minas A5

    Minas A5

    A servo motor that maximizes the machine’s potential. A5II series: 2 degrees of freedom control mode full-functional (position, speed, torque, full closed-loop control) A5IIE series: 2 degree of freedom control mode position control special type A5 series: speed, position, torque, full closed loop control A5E series: special for position control A5IIN: ultra-high speed network communication servo (RTEX)
  • The Minas a 6

    The Minas a 6

    Smaller, faster, and easier to use. SERVO motor to meet the needs of the Times. A6SE series: For incremental use only, pulse train input type A6SG series: Pulse Train Input / Modbus communication (RS485 / RS232 type A6SF series: analog / Pulse Train Input / Modbus communication (RS485 / RS232 type A6NE series: ultra-high-speed Network Communication Type Servo RTEX NON-SECURITY FUNCTION A6NF series: ultra-high-speed Network communication type SERVO RTEX with security function A6BE series: corr...
  • AC servo motor

    AC servo motor

    About AC servo motors The so-called AC servo motor refers to the motor with high precision and controllable position that can detect the rotor position and speed through the encoder. It can be used in all devices and mechanical equipment led by semiconductor devices and robots that have requirements for high speed and high precision response. Panasonic provides customers with a rich product lineup with rich control and communication methods. Use the sample Semiconductor devices, electronic co...