Single Axis Robot KA Series

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SynchMotionTM Technology

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1. Easy for system installation and maintenance
2. Low price
3. High rigidity
4. High repeatability ± 0.01mm
5. AC servo motor installed (optional) Support different strokes


1. Precision industry
2. FPD industry
3. Automatic dispenser
4. Automatic visual inspection
5. Assembly machines


Single Axis Robots have both electrical and mechanical components, for safety, please read and follow all of the related precautions before selection and use. HIWINis not held responsible for any malfunctions,damages, or accidents caused by the misuse of the product.

PersonaL Safety
■ Single Axis Robots are designed for industrial purposes only.

■ During operation, the user should stay clear of the Single Axis Robots mechanical range of motion to avoid possible injury.

■ When the motor power is ON, people with pacemakers should keep away at least one meter to avoid any disturbance.

■ To prevent fires, Single Axis Robots should not be placed near the ignition of flammable gases.

Storage and Installation

■ Avoid any possible collisions or dropping of the product.

■ When is recommended that the product be well packed and laid down flat. Do not expose the product to
hot, cold or humid conditions.

■ Do not disassemble or modify the products to avoid possible malfunctions or accidents.

■ During installation,ensure the product is fixed correctly to avoid any loosening caused by vibrations.

■ Take care when selecting the correct coupling and motor hardware for installation and be aware of the alignment
to the centerline of the shaft when tightening the screws. Do not force the install.


■ The operation conditions need to be within the rated values as shown in the technical information.
■ Avoid dust, debris and any foreign objects from entering the ball return system.
■ Operational temperature should be under 80 ℃. In high temperature environments above 80℃, please contact HIWIN sales. OConfirm first with HIWIN sales if the product can be used in a special environment, such as: vacuum, vibration, clean room, corrosive chemicals, organic solvents,extreme high or low temperatures. humidity. liquid splashes. oil drops or mist, high salt, heavy load, vertical or cantilever installations.
■ For vertical installations, when loaded, there is a possibility that the slider may fall. We recommend to adding
proper braking and ensure functionality before operation.

■ Lubricate the product before the initial use. Note the type of grease used and avoid mixing different types together.
■ For normal operating conditions, it is recommended to check the operation every 100km, clean and supply grease
onto the rail and shaft.

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