Single Axis Robot KE Series

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Easy system installation and maintenance 

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1.Easy system installation and maintenance
2.Compact and lightweight
3.Closed design
4.Support with any brands of servo motors

1.Precision Industry & Semiconductor
2.Inspection & Testing & Assembly equipment
3.Optical & Medical high positional equipment

The HWIN Single Axis Robot moduleutilizes professional standard manufacturing technology developed over the years, with the ball screw and magnetic slide design module developed and produced by ourselves,HWIN itis applicable to all types of automation equipment due to its features of easy installation, small size, high-precision and various specifications.

■ Complete selection of Sinqle Axis Robots and accessories.
Drive Type: ballscrew, toothed belt
AC motor output: 30W~750W servo motor or stepping motor
Motor connection type (depends on available space): direct, bottom,internal, left, right.
Max stroke: Max stroke on belt is 3000mm, minimum stroke on KK,KAand KE is smaller than 100mm.
■ Easy installation and maintenance.
■ Customized designs available.
■ Easy transformation into a multi-axis robot.

Installation guide for motor flange, motor and coupling
■ Three types of displacement may exist while installinq the ballscrewwith motor axis.which are shown as below.

Single Axis Robot KE Series

■ The use of a motor mounting jig might be necessary to make sure the ballscrew spindleend (A and the
positioning hole of the motor flange (B) are concentric. The illustration is shown below.

Single Axis Robot KE Series1

■ Precaution:

1. During motor flange mounting, the displacement between ballscrew spindle end and the positioning hole of the motor flange should be controlled and also within the allowable displacement range of the chosen coupling.

2. The ballscrew spindle end could breakif the displacement is beyond the allowable range limit or the coupling is mounted incorrectly.

3 .Make sure the allowable displacement of the coupling is sufficient for your application, HIWIN recommends a
Disk Type coupling. Please contact HWIN with any questions regarding coupling installation or selection.

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