Single Axis Robot KK Series

Short Description:

Single Axis Robots can be usedin a wide range of applications.

Product Detail

Product Tags

1. Easy system installation and maintenance.
2. Compact and lightweight
3. Closed design.
4. Support with any brands of servo motors.

1. Precision Industry & Semiconductor
2. Inspection & Testing & Assembly equipment
3. Optical & Medical high positional equipment

4. Single Axis Robots can be usedin a wide range of applications. The following are examples of applicable systems: Automatic soldering system, screw feeding machine, adhesive laminating machine, CCD lens shifting, automatic paint spray machine,cuttina machine, semiconductor manutacturng eauipment. assembly eauipment. press machine, spot weldinq machine, surface processing automation, self adhesive labeling machine, packaging machine, marking press machine, conveying equipment, and more.

Selection Process
When choosing an Single Axis Robot based on different conditions and restrictions, you may refer to the following selection process:

1. User requirements
■ Effective stroke

■ Locationrestrictions (width,height,length)
■ Installation [horizontal, vertical, side mount)
■ Position of gravity,centerofloading
■ Operating conditions (lead, speed,acceleration and deceleration, duty cycle)
■ Environment (high temperature, vibration, oil,
water, corrosion)

2.Demand for precision
■ Position accuracy
■ Repeatability
■ Running parallelism

3. Configuration

■ Single axis
■ Multi axis
■ Special combination

4. Motor selection

■ AC servo motor
■ Stepper motor
■ With orwithout brake (lincluded,plug-in


5. Motor load calculation
■ Maximum speed
■ Motor resolution
■ Motor torque calculation

6. Operation analysis

■ Acceleration

■ Actual operation mode (V-T diagram])

7. Other accessories

■ The use of related accessories(limit switches, adapter plate,retractable sheath, the slip ring protection tube)

8. Final confirmation

■ Conditions of use should be confirmed
■ Price, deadline
■ Alteration

■ Special requirements

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