Single Axis Robot KU Series

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1. Lightweight & Cost reduction
2. Easy system installation and maintenance
3. High performance of dust proof
4. High accuracy, High efficiency, High reliability

1. Precision Industry & Semiconductor
2. Inspection & Testing & Assembly equipment
3. Optical & Medical high positional equipment

5.1 Features
■ Lightweight
■ Dustproof
■ High accuracy, high efficiency, high reliability
■ Easy system installation and maintenance

5.2 Applications
■ Precision Industry & Semiconductor
■ Inspection,Testing &Assemblyequipment
■ Optical & Medical equipment

The KU industrial robot modularize both ballscrew and guideway to achieve better performance on accurancy stiffness,rapid installation,and space saving.with the block of KU driven by ballscrew and sliding on the optimized U-rail,greater stuffness and high accuracy are therefore performaned.

The KU single axis robot has a lightweight construction that offers high performance in position accuracy and efficiency. This robot contains a motor-driven ballscrew module equipped with a stainless steel cover strip to prevent particles from entering or exiting.

The single-axis robot can be controlled with a multi-axis controller , and the combined coordinates used for linear or circular movements.
A layout such as a desktop system, different from the normal Cartesian robot, can be configured.
Select and combine the optimum specifications from the diverse single-axis robot lineup.

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