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Gearmotors are a fairly well-established technology. And recently, there is renewed interest in gearmotors, following a trend in integrated systems in general.

More specifically, rising energy costs are driving demand for improved process efficiencies. This presents an opening for gearmotors that can be used in a variety of applications and represents a tremendous opportunity for global energy savings.

Essentially, a gearmotor is a pairing of gear reducer and ac or dc electrical motor. The gear and the motors are combined into one unit.

A gearmotor delivers high torque at low horsepower or low speed. The speed specifications for these motors are normal speed and stall-speed torque. These motors use gears, typically assembled as a gearbox, to reduce speed, which makes more torque available. Gearmotors are most often used in applications that need a lot of force to move heavy objects.

By and large, most industrial gearmotors use ac motors, typically fixed-speed motors. However, dc motors can also be used as gearmotors … a lot of which are used in automotive applications.

Gearmotors have a number of advantages over other types of motor/gear combinations. Perhaps most importantly, gearmotors can simplify design and implementation by eliminating the step of separately designing and integrating the motors with the gears, thus reducing engineering costs.

The company’s small gear motor, a wide range of products, complete lineup, including induction, reversible and with electromagnetic brakes, 2-pole round shaft type.

Also suitable for a variety of overseas specifications and compliance with RoHS instructions.

Gear motor brakes are power off style brakes designed to stop or hold a load that is coupled to the armature hub assembly. In the event of power failure, the brake would engage. They are most commonly used in commercial duty for small gear motors.

Small size and light weight.
Low noise.
Suitable to constant operation.
where less impact loads are applied.

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