Ultra-heavy load (radial type) Model SVR

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Ultra-heavy load (radial type) Model SVR

Models SVR have higher rigidity and load-bearing capacity than other models in the Caged-Ball LMGuide series. In addition, they maintain the performance of LM Guide and achieve high reliability by enhancing the dust-control performance with a wide range of options that take into account the service environments of machine tools and other machinery.

Models SVR/SVS have especially high rigidity and load carrying capacity among the Caged Ball LM Guide series. In addition, these models maintain the LM Guide performance and achieve high reliability through the strengthening of the dust proof performance with a broad range of options that take into account the service environments of machine tools, etc.
* Since models SVR/SVS have very high rigidity, their structures are easily affected by the misalignment of the mounting surface and the installation error. If affected by these factors, their service life may be shortened or their motion may be disrupted. 
Super Heavy Load, Increased Damping
The raceway of models SVR/SVS adopts a circular-arc deep groove with a curvature approximate to the ball diameter. Since the ball contact area increases as the applied load increases, a large load carrying capacity is achieved and damping is also improved.
Increased Dust-proof Performance
The foreign material removal function is improved with a newly developed protector to strengthen the dust-proof performance. In addition, use of a side scraper reduces the entrance of foreign material into the LM block, thus maintaining the LM Guide performance for a long period even in adverse environments.
High Rigidity
Models SVR/SVS achieve the highest rigidity among the Caged Ball LM Guide series.Both the radial type SVR and the 4-way equal load type SVS are available for the same size. Depending on the intended use, you can select either type.
Wide Array of Options
Various options are available, including end seal, inner seal, side seal, Laminated Contact Scraper LaCS, protector, side scraper and Cap GC, to respond to diversifi ed service environments.

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