Ultra-high Rigidity (Wide) Model SRW

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Ultra-high Rigidity (Wide) Model SRW

As a result of increasing the width of the Roller Guide, the mounting strength and mounting stability are increased.The SRW Model is based on the SRG LM Guide but has a wider rail and two rows of LM rail mounting holes to achieve high mounting strength and stability. Ultra-high rigidity, this Roller Guide uses roller cages to eliminate friction between adjacent rollers, smoothing motion and extending the units long-term maintenance-free operation.

Model SRW is a wide, ultra-high rigidity Roller Guide that has an LM rail wider than that of caged-roller LM Guide model SRW and is equipped with two rows of rail mounting holes to increase the mounting strength and the mounting stability. In addition, it uses roller cages to prevent rollers from skewing, thus allowing low-friction, smooth motion and achieve long-term maintenance-free operation.
● Ultra-high Rigidity
Since its wide rail can be secured with two rows of mounting bolts, the mounting strength is increased. In addition, since the raceway distance (L) in the width direction is large, this model has a strong structure against
the moment load (moment MC) in the rolling direction. For the rolling elements, this model uses highly rigid rollers*.*The overall roller length is more than 1.5 times the roller diameter.
● 4-way Equal Load
Since each row of rollers is arranged at a contact angle of 45° so that the LM block receives an equal load rating in all four directions (radial, reverse radial and lateral directions),high rigidity is ensured in all directions.
● Smooth Motion through Skewing
The roller cage allows rollers to form an evenly spaced line while recirculating, thus preventing the rollers from skewing (tilt of rollers) as the block enters a loaded area. As a result, fluctuation of the rolling resistance is minimized and smooth stable motion is achieved.
● Long-term Maintenance-free
Use of the roller cage eliminates friction between rollers and enables the lubricant to be retained in grease pockets formed between adjacent rollers. As the rollers recirculate,the grease pocket serves to provide the adequate amount of lubricant to achieve long-term maintenance-free operation.

Feature of Ultra-high Rigidity (Wide) Model SRW

1. Enhanced Dust-proof
(1) Sealing: Seal design from single-lip to double-lip, preventing dust more effectively.
(2) Hardness: Harden the end seals through heat treatment to absorb the impact while operating.
(3) Working Environment: Double seals provide a better solution of dust-proof, especially in high contamination working environment.
(4) Service life Extension: Enhanced dust-proof reduce the possibility of block damage due to dust issue.

The scraper prevent the high temperature iron chip or dust from entering the block.

There is a Felt accessory between end cap and seals. Felt with oil lubricates the rail while operating even without a grease nipple.


  • Machine tool, Industrial machinery, Electronic application, Semi-conductor industries, X-Y table, Measuring instruments, Medical industry, Pick & go application etc.

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