Wide Rail Model HRW

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Wide Rail Model HRW

Due to a low center-of-gravity structure with a large rail width and a low overall height, this LM Guide model can be used in places where space saving is required or high rigidity against a moment is required even with a single rail.The HRW Model features a low center of gravity design with a wide rail and a low overall height. This LM Guide can be used in tight spaces where high rigidity against a moment is required, even with a small size rail.

A structure with a wide rail width and low center of gravity. It is advantageous when there are Mc moment requirements and is thin compared with HSR.

· Circulates the ball row using the end plate that is assembled in the LM block when the ball rotates the rotating side with four rows that have been precision ground into the LM block and LM rail.
· Compact heavy load: A high number of effective balls makes it possible to obtain high rigidity in all directions. Has a wide rail width and can adequately withstand moments with a single rail.
There is a high rigidity in the horizontal direction and there is no need to for reinforcement such as horizontal pressing due to large secondary moments being incurred on the rail cross-section.
· The self-aligning capability achieved from the unique circular arched-groove front face combination (DF set) makes it possible to absorb the mounting error even when there is a preload incurred, and it is also capable of obtaining a smooth linear motion at a high accuracy. 

Smooth Movement
Wide Rail Model HRW The circulation system of TBI Linear Guide Block designed to perform smooth movement.

High Stability
Wide Rail Model HRW Linear Guide block designed under TBI’s exclusive patent can increase depth of material to improve the strength capacity and prevent from deflection as high stability.

High Durability
Wide Rail Model HRW The exclusive contact point design promotes high rigidity. Moreover, self-aligning balances load rating in all directions. This design also improves performance in running accuracy and service life of the Linear Guide.

Easy Installation with Interchangeability
Wide Rail Model HRW Linear Guide by TBI is easy for installation even without fixture. The design of seal is combinable either for side seal or inner seal to save material.


  • Machine tool, Industrial machinery, Electronic Application etc.

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